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Coming from unideal and traumatic upbringings, both my wife and I strayed further and further from God as time went on. We were introduced to a vague version of him as children but never fully understood his love for us. As we got older and went through the pitfalls of life due to living for the flesh, we were now dealing with the emotional damages from our careless decisions.

As time passed we became parents at a young age. Coming from households where both our parents were divorced, we knew we didn’t want our children to go through the same things we went through and prayed for better times. We were lost and afraid, we needed guidance. That was until God met us as we were in the pit of despair and introduced himself to us through his word, love, and forgiveness, He healed our wounds and gave us new hearts, and now we’re happily married with two kids who mean the world to us, doing things the right way thanks to the glory of God.

the founders of blessed & redeemed standing in front of some autumnal trees
the blessed & redeemed family in front of a playground

The Disciples of Blessed & Redeemed

We now dedicate our lives to spreading his word trying to plant seeds into not just our kids but others so they know they don’t have to go through this life alone and they can prevent a lot of hurt by living by the spirit and not the flesh, we want them to know there is a father who will take them in as his own. We were lost but now we’re found.

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